Cat and Dog

Photo and Journey

Cats and dogs are portrayed as natural enemies in animation, TV, and movies. But in reality they make very good friends. Millions of families around the world have integrated both cats and dogs into their lives.

There is nothing more cute than a picture of a kitten and puppy laying side by side, or playing together. But when I see pictures of fully grown cats and dogs together I know they have a special bond that isn't found in popular entertainment tropes. Cats and dogs are intelligent creatures in their own ways.

My family had many cats when I was growing up. They came when we called them and told us when they were hungry, needed to go out, or could not use their litter pans. Cats can be very clever too. They love to play, adore affection, and are fascinated by strange new experiences.

Dogs are very loyal and in my opinion they are much more intelligent than cats. But it could be that dogs are merely more communicative than cats. Cats do seem aloof whereas dogs need friendship and companionship.

I read somewhere that a dog can understand about 300 English words. I can't imagine how I would communicate if I only knew 300 words. But my dogs understand me when I am talking to them or to my family. The way their ears prick up when the family talks about going out tells me they understand what we are saying.

Dogs and cats can be very loyal to their human families. I never feel like I own them. I feel honored when they choose to live with us, if we take in strays. But when we raise them from kittenhood or puppyhood they are members of our families. They know no one else. They would be as lost without us as we without them.