Misty Forest Road

Photo and Journey

This is a great photo because it reminds me of the mystery that life holds for us. Life, the future, unknown places. When you leave the comfort and safety of your home you set out on a journey of unknown length. Even if you know where you want to go you don't know where the journey ends.

When I was a teenager there were many days when I would drive over to a friend's house only to have him come running out with an important errand. I thought we would hang out in his place for a few hours. Instead we found ourselves on the path to adventure.

The unknown destination is at the heart of the journey. A painting of a foreign landscape is an invitation to explore the unknown. When I was a kid my parents bought several prints of fantasy landscapes. I spent hours staring at those pictures, imagining where they would lead if I could just jump into them.

When you're driving through the countryside and you see a road branch off from the main highway, don't you wonder where it leads?

The misty forest road embodies all that imagination. It leads to a place we cannot see. We must decide whether to take that journey or wait for the next one. Some people wait for the right journey all their lives. That's not me. When I see a country road leading off into the woods, I drive up it just to see where it leads.

Well, I do that when my wife lets me.