My Privacy Policy

Photo and Journey

Privacy has become such an important issue to people on the Internet over the past few years. There was a time when no one thought about privacy on the Web. We didn't know who was tracking us or what they did with our data.

Now we're all better informed about how important it is to know what a site does with your data. This privacy policy explains what data I collect and what I do with it.

Cookies and Tracking

This site is not setting any cookies are tracking pixels. If that changes in the future I'll update this page.

Registration and Email

This site doesn't require you to register an account. You can't anyway. And I don't want your email. If that changes in the future I'll update this page.


I've put in some hooks for advertising but I'm not sure if I'll include it here. I'll update this page when that changes.

Log Files

Information about your visit to this site is recorded in a log file. The log file is read every night. The data is folded into aggregate counts. Your personal information is purged so I can't tell who came here.

I don't sell this data to anyone. I don't give it to anyone.

If I change the data collection policy or if I share the log data I'll explain what is happening and why on this page.