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The Control Phreak is written by three friends who share their feelings about many subjects.

Making Money with Joe shares really great tips about making money, online marketing, and more.

The Perspectist publishes listical articles that are very interesting.

Renovate Life advocates taking personal responsibility and making real change in one one's life. The articles there use real people as examples to follow.

The Business Life Blog started out strong but has been quiet lately. I still like to browse its articles.

Sites about History

Ancient Origins History and Archaeology is an independent site that publishes some really nice articles.

History.Com is a commercial site associated with a cable news network but it still has some good content.

HistoryNet is like the little cousin to History.Com. It's an independent site with good articles. HistoryNet is published by HistoryNet LLC and they publish many history magazines.

U.S. History is published by the Independence Hall Association and it's a very important site to American history.

U.S. National Archives Library Information Center publishes information about online history resources.

Sites about Science

Live Science is one of the best science blogs around. I read their articles all the time.

NASA's official science section is the leading public resource by the U.S. government for science on the Internet. Everyone should visit there for more than just the pictures from Mars.

The National Geographic Science blog is part of a larger site that publishes a wealth of informative content about the world we live in.

Popular Science is run by the magazine so many of us grew up with. It's a great source of information about technology and science.

Science Daily is the leading source of science news articles.