Welcome and Well Met!

Photo and Journey

The Alpine Village is a short essay about what alpine village means. We have a romantic image in our minds about "Alpine Villages" but the reality is different from the romance.

The Cat and Dog are mankind's closest friends. Some people say horses are better friends. Horses are smart and loyal. But I'm a cat and dog person. I explain why in this essay.

The Humpback Whale is a majestic king of the sea. So why does humankind persecute whales? We have treated them badly but their futures and ours run on the same path. I hope we can make peace with whales before they are all gone.

The Misty Forest Road is a beautiful picture. But it is more than just a picture. It is a metaphor for life. And life is a journey. You must embrace your journey and learn from it. Where you go is up to you, not to the road or the mist or the forest.